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network dinners everywhere, by Ellen

October 17, 2010

Kate and I attended multiple programs this summer at local gallery Transformer as part of their Sustainability series. One session in particular really captured our imaginations as Abigail Satinsky and Bryce Dwyer of Chicago-based InCUBATE (Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and the Everyday) discussed their project Sunday Soup and Jeff Hnilicka described a similar effort underway in Brooklyn, called FEAST. The three began rattling off cities where like-minded dinners were taking place and Kate and I both thought that it was obvious that DC should be on the list.

DC doesn’t always feel like a hospitable town for art-making, frequently overshadowed by the federal government and the sprawling non-profit industrial complex, just to name a couple of easy targets. And yet there are some amazing artists who call DC home and create work here without always getting the recognition they deserve. As someone who is involved with both the dance and visual arts scene here, I’m interested in creating a space where disparate disciplines can come together, and helping to support those artists who don’t fit within neat genre borders.

I attended the Creative Time Summit last weekend and Abigail/Bryce spoke about Sunday Soup and Jeff was part of a clever skit describing FEAST. You can watch these short videos from the summit to see part of the inspiration from KOI:
FEAST skit
Abigail and Bryce from InCUBATE

And take a look at all the places people are coming together over food to give some money to creative projects! Check out our cute blue chef down there! (this is a partial list, more being added in the weeks to come)

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