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KOI #3 – Saturday, October 20, 2012 (from Kate)

August 20, 2012

Returning to Washington DC after a year in Berkeley brings into focus changes in the city – the construction around U street, the disappearance of LoveCafe – and the ever burgeoning creativity of DC artists and arts-organizers who defy the weight and influence of huge institutions that dominate the capital’s landscape.  In contrast to some of the larger and more established organizations, venues and festivals like American Dance Institute and the Capital Fringe find ways to nurture new ideas and emerging artists. The Kitchen of Innovation – KOI — plays a vital role in this ecosystem of creative possibilities: it is a grassroots fundraiser that seeks to support local artists and arts-organizers who have an idea to share with a room full of 100 curious attendees ready to put some money behind the project that best speaks to our community’s needs.

There is a trend in the arts today to present performances and installations that defy easy classification, blurring boundaries between dance, theater, visual arts, and performance. KOI recognizes the importance of supporting an idea rather than an easily categorized product. For the last two years – in 2010 and 2011 – KOI gatherings brought together a handful of artists from a range of disciplines – usually 6 to 8 people – with a room full of DC’s culture-seekers. Presentations were lively, food donated by SweetGreen was delicious, $1000 was raised each evening, and new contacts and friendships were formed. This year Ellen and I are excited to present a mix of artists and arts innovators in the line-up of presenters. We hope you will come to hear how their concepts can shift the artistic landscape of DC, and experience how you can become a stakeholder in the creative possibilities that keep DC a shifting and stimulating place to be.

(link to buy tickets and presenting artists will be announced later this week!)

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